Through the eyes of Renowned American Author Don S. McClure
we take you through his photographic journey across Indianapolis and other cities in search of diversity and beauty in what he calls undiscovered territory.  

" I believe the human mind is affected by the surroundings he is subjected to on a daily bases". 

"What a man has as a daily vision is what he believes to be his destiny." 

                                                                                                                          Renowned American Author Don S. McClure
THE ART OF INDY 2018 - 2019
The Fountain of Life Image captured on a bright Sunday afternoon in Indy was featured in the 2017 Beverly Art Walk event held in Chicago at the world famous Black Welder Mansion, featuring over 200 artists.  Located in the Beverly residential area, at 10910 South Prospect Ave Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. McClure was selected to display his work image and concept on the subject of diversity and Architecture and the mind. These images were first displayed in his national book " The Book Of Inspiration A Mind At Peace". The Framed image sold for $3,000.00 for a private collection.
​Cover Design for the Book of Inspiration A MInd at Peace. 
Photographic Image Indianapolis Side Walk View Downtown Indy